Matuzalem has emerged as a natural continuation of the journey, which began with the discovery of the original method enabling the production of a unique complex of flavonoids. These natural substances provide plants with natural protection which humans have received in food from the beginning of their existence.

The primary focus of our initial efforts leading to the successful discovery of this unique method was maximizing the potential of flavonoids. Therefore, Matuzalem, a company dedicated to the development and clinical testing of a unique flavonoid complex, which protects the cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, was founded as a further logical step.

In its products, Matuzalem offers everyone who wants to take care of their health the opportunity to take advantage of the positive effects of flavonoids.

The research and development of our products are motivated by the belief that the path leading from the positive effects of natural substances to practical use in protecting cells is meaningful and beneficial.   


Autoři jedinečného flavonoidového komplexu Matuzalem obdrželi ocenění Světové organizace duševního vlastnictví v Ženevě. Výsledky jejich práce v oboru biotechnologií byly zařazeny mezi nejlepší vědecké inovace (WIPO AWARD 2009).